here you can download some demo tracks

the tracks are in mp3 format. you can play them with almost every player like winamp, windows media player, sonique and all that stuff. if you have no player then go to and download the free player.
to download a file simply left-click on it and a dialogue appears. save it, open it in your player and enjoy.

LUO QI-its all over (chinese) 1009kb 1min 4sec *
LUO QI-love lost 672kb 0min 42sec *
LUO QI-rain beat down 618kb 0min 39sec **
LUO QI-party till you drop 859kb 0min 54sec *
LUO QI-a day at a time 532kb 0min 33sec **
DJ SAIBA & LUO QI-love lost remix 469kb 0min 29sec *
CURRENT VALUE & DJ SAIBA FEAT. LUO QI-foxy 359kb 0min 45sec

*  Lyrics R.D. Brown, Music H. Bruhn, Arrangements O. Involtini
**Lyrics R.D. Brown, Music H. Bruhn, Arrangements H. Bruhn & P. Deinert
©2002 Brunardo Music